Lead Engineer - Fire Protection / Mechanical Department شركه استشارات هندسيه بمجال البترول
معلومات عن صاحب العمل
كود صاحب العمل 75
مواصفات الوظيفة Shall have experience in the Oil/Gas, hydrocarbon, refinery, offshore or infrastructure Industries and is recognized as specialist in Mechanical Engineering Field on large to mega Projects. Shall Provide Technical and consultation as required. Must have thorough knowledge of all types of Fire protections. Capable of reviewing the Design drawings and documents, Equipment specifications / data sheets and materials of Fire protection equipments and components. Provide guidance to the project Fire protection Design Team. Resolves Fire protection engineering issues by applying accepted principles, codes and standards. Must have through knowledge and hands on Experience on NFPA and NACE standards To provide and support mechanical engineering activities to a Mustang HDP FEED / Detailed Design projects. Approving (as the Lead Engineer) all Fire protection deliverables. Planning, coordination & supervision of the production of Mechanical Deliverables as well as overall coordination for preparation of Deliverables list for proposals. Planning and scheduling of discipline deliverables and activities including man- hour estimating when requested, requesting personnel as identified by the plan, and supervision of Fire Protection personnel on the project. Reviews the Basis of Design (BOD) & Project Execution Plan (PEP) as well as all client provided data. Coordinating with all disciplines (as necessary) in the preparation and development of the deliverables and ensuring that other disciplines‟ input is incorporated. Prepare equipment specifications, datasheets & VDRFs, whilst following all operational procedures (i.e. incorporating check & IDC comments). Performs preliminary/basic sizing of equipment to provide preliminary input to the MHDP, structural & layouts group. Ensures equipment compliance with package electrical, structural & instrument specifications, as well as applicable code requirements and national / international standards. Prepares enquiry requisitions in PDMC/Pacesetter. Evaluates bids & prepares technical bid evaluations & provides input to joint purchase recommendation. Prepares bid clarification questions and handles responses, and coordinates / chairs technical aspects of bid clarification meetings. Updates datasheets and specifications for purchase. Reviews all vendor data, solicits specific input from affected disciplines, and returns comments on „coded‟ documents within the allocated timeframe. Reports on work status/problem areas/needs on a weekly basis. Liaison with and reporting to Management and Clients.
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